Do you look for workers?

We can offer you:

Lending of temporary employees
We recruit and delegate employees to your company based on a temporary employment contract.

Employee outsourcing
We handle formal and administrative issues related to the employment of workers

Employee group recruitment
We help candidates in moving, accommodating, in all formalities

Please contact us, we will dispel doubts, discuss the conditions of cooperation and the scope of our mediation in individual processes together.


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Our industries


We support developers dealing in residential construction as well as companies building and repairing power plants, steel mills, shipyards and others.


National and international drivers - we have a wide base of employees that can be offered you.


We will provide you with the best staff: chefs and waiters with experience in many countries, competent and fast-working kitchen helpers, eloquent reception staff.

Industry and production

We recruit employees for all industry categories, from the pharmaceutical industry to heavy industry.


We recruit sellers, warehouse workers and other people needed for the smooth running of the company.


We will find guides, tourist residents, travel agency employees and leisure time animators.


We provide employees working with harvesting, animals and people with the necessary qualifications to work with agricultural machinery.

Social care

We offer sitters / guardians with appropriate education, experience and communicative language skills.